Europe and Eurasia

“The YPIA Europe and Eurasia Program engages individuals with an interest in international affairs, multilateral institutions, and cultures encompassing the countries and territories of the EU, the Council of Europe, Former Soviet Republics/Eastern Bloc countries, and Turkey. We strive to understand contemporary Europe and Eurasia and how they relate to the wider world. In support of the larger YPIA Mission, we aim to organize dialogues, exchanges, and cultural gatherings relating to Europe and Eurasia which bring together young professionals in an effort to develop a community of interest.”



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PROGRAM FEATURES: In addition to monthly discussions on current affairs, a unique feature of the EUR Program  is an emphasis on promoting Cultural Educational Exchanges (CEE) in order for members to directly experience and appreciate the cultures of Europe and Eurasia.  Currently, we offer two types of CEE program events: Peer Expert Guided Tours and Cuisine Exploration.
MEMBERS: A number of our members have heritage from and/or experience living and working in European and Eurasian countries, although all are certainly welcome!

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If you are interested in participating in the YPIA/EUR Program, including helping to organize program events, please contact the EUR Program Administration at or Jillian Cardillo, the EUR Program Coordinator at

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