Asia-Pacific Bugle: Fifth Edition

Asia-Pacific Bugle: Fifth Edition

The Asia-Pacific Bugle
By Michael Larkin and Colin Lawrence

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Asia-Pacific Bugle. The Asia-Pacific Program Officers have selected another baker’s dozen of articles to build up our community’s knowledge of Asian regional affairs. As usual, we encourage suggestions to improve on the issues and themes the Asia-Pacific Bugle covers. The Bugle can include subjects from East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Oceania.

Programming Notes: On June 18, please join the YPIA Asia-Pacific Program for Expanding the Space for Civil Society: Vietnam and Burma in Focus. Instead of the Asia-Pacific Program Officers giving the opening presentation, a deep dive briefing by two of your fellow YPIA members will walk us through the complexities of civil society in Vietnam and Myanmar based on their research and travel experiences. Please RSVP for this event and others at

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Diplomacy and Security 
For Some Filipino Fishermen, the South China Sea Dispute is Personal
Could the South China Sea Become a Dangerous Contest of Military Might
With Little Fanfare, India Makes Big Security Advances Toward the East
War & Peace in Afghanistan: The 2015 Insurgency in the North

Democracy, Governance and Human Rights
Modi’s Systematic Clampdown on Indian Civil Society Must Stop
Hong Kong’s Young People Feel Less Invested in Fight for Democracy on Mainland
TPP Will Help Workers in Vietnam Pursue Their Rights

The Rohingyas: The most persecuted people on Earth?
Afghans Angry at Election Delay

Economics, Development and Environment
Asia’s Infrastructure Investment Battle
Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation:Emerging Powers Are Changing the Norms
Tackling Asia’s Resource Issues
Only in China Can the Riskiest Provincial Debt Get Best Yield

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