Asia-Pacific Bugle: Fourth Edition

Asia-Pacific Bugle: Fourth Edition

The Asia-Pacific Bugle
By Mike Larkin and Colin Lawrence

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Asia-Pacific Bugle. The Asia-Pacific Program Officers have selected a baker’s dozen of analysis to keep you occupied while you are sitting on buses, trains, and airplanes over Memorial Day Weekend. As usual, we encourage suggestions to improve on the issues and themes the Asia-Pacific Bugle covers. The Bugle can include subjects from East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Oceania.

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Programming Notes: The YPIA calendar is full of exciting events! Here is a sampling with links for your reference:

Uzbekistan: Culture, Communication, Cuisine & Civilization (Guest Speaker)
EU Response to African & Mideast Migrants: A Maritime & Humanitarian Crisis?
June Happy Hour: World Refugee Month 2015 Awareness

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