The Asia-Pacific Bugle: Third Edition

The Asia-Pacific Bugle: Third Edition

The Asia-Pacific Bugle
By Mike Larkin and Colin Lawrence

Welcome to the third edition of the Asia-Pacific Bugle. The Asia-Pacific Program Officers have selected a baker’s dozen of analysis covering diverse topics from the creation of the Asian Infrastructure and Investment, an update on the democracy human rights, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and even more. As usual, we encourage suggestions to improve on the issues and themes the Asia-Pacific Bugle covers. The Bugle can include subjects from East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Oceania.

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Programming Notes: The YPIA calendar is full of exciting events as April comes to a close and the beginning of May. Here is a sampling for your reference:

April 23th, 6:30PM: Please join the Asia-Pacific Program on April 26th for The Philippines: Peacebuilding and Development at the Martin Luther King Library.

April 25, 2PM: YPIA will continue its series on highlighting women’s rights issues around the world with a book discussion on I am Malala at the Arlington Central Library.

April 29, 6:30PM: YPIA is co-hosting a panel discussion with the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management on the international trade agenda.

May 2nd marks the return of the Around the World Embassy Tours and post-tour happy hour at Front Page. Our plan is to visit Asian embassies in and around DuPont Circle such as Japan, Indonesia, Australia, and the Philippines. Of course, we are open to suggestions that are within walking distance of DuPont Circle.

For information on these events and others, please follow this link.

Happy Reading

Diplomacy and Security:

China’s Challenge to Pax Americana

When U.S. Allies Join the China-Led Development Bank

How Strong Is the U.S.-Japan Relationship?

Why the United States Should Work With India to Stabilize Afghanistan

Democracy, Governance and Human Rights:

Electronic Citizen Report Cards In Sri Lanka: Rebuilding the Social Compact

Malaysian Politics: Riding a Tiger

Thai Junta Enjoys Absolute Power As Opposition Quietly Bides Its Time

Afghanistan’s Defining Fight: Technocrats vs. Strongmen

Xi Jinping Forever

Economics, Development and Environment

 Race to Secure TPP Enters Final Phase

Why India Won’t Follow in China’s Environmental Footsteps

Where All Silk Roads Lead

Fulfilling the Promise of ASEAN

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